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Transcendent Fluxuation

Glossy liquid ways, every step we take, different colors dance and light up each sway, every place different day new things old face same teeth, smiles and masks both meet, talking is time, slaying man made lies, truth will rise, volcano lava molten blast, frozen and dry, taste it on your tongue, swallow it up whole, body take in the love, nutrition for the soul, release what doesn’t serve us all, moon balance the ocean life, sun brings land light to move on, night and day, Sensations of a settling peace ocean sea, breathing waves crashing before, soothing after me.

Hands wet cold feet, shaken temples tremble deep, sky souls of blue met with pink, combining time like a marital sink, swirling draining underneathe, downward spiral if I begin to think.

Thoughtless, dropping, high as can be, empty fullness of everything. Paradox, a fox in a box with no trees, creating sense while as senseless as thee. Could sense ever come from a senseless being?

Flip the script, new scenery.
Imagine this now, you and me add all of life and what it brings, tossing around in white silk sheets, breathe you in, breathe in deep,
release from it for we are free, sensations of eternity, my tongue gets tied in certainty, my heart drops as you go in deep, my mind stops as I begin to sink, let it be, feel lightening spark as you course thru me. Sensations of a settling peace ocean sea. Day come the waves open, free. Night falls, lay down let us soothe thee.

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